Thank goodness I had my Smart Phone..... You never know when you're going to need it!

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Today's technology enables you to work from anywhere! You can connect, have visual contact with your customers, family, friends and colleagues from just about anywhere anywhere in the world, as long as you havethese few things the world is your oyster. A decent Smart Phone close on hand, you've remembered to turn it back on after the flight, and of course access to WiFi, which most airports now have available for you to tap into. It's interesting to see where airports are headed in the future. The following article High Tech Airports of the Future is an interesting view of the vision for the future and what you can expect when you land.

Jump off the plane in Rome (yes looking less than awesome) when I ran straight into Hamish Blake form The Hamish and Andy Radio Show.

Back to Smartphones: The picture above was taken from my Smart Phone in office of the day (Rome Airport) whilst visiting (and working) in Italy . If you're anything like me I used to have to take my laptop, audio equipment, heavy files, books, student notes and loads more Everywhere. Not any more, thanks to my smart phone. Everything I need, in my hand, and no excess baggage costs (although on this trip I came very close on the way back - for an entirely different reason).

Did you know that according to recent studies conducted by industry expert Pradeep Khanna (Global Mindset) we as business owners, managers and executives are, on average, only using around 5% of the capacity of our Smart Phones. Imagine the potential if we used 20-50% of the potential. Learn more

To read more about Smart Phone and Mobile potential click the following link Smart Phone Usage Report 2016.


Because we don't know what we don't know!

As I said in my introduction, I use my smart phone almost entirely during the day for my business because it's light, convenient and it's always there to take calls and help with client requests. It also enables me to send and receive information as required, quickly and seamlessly from wherever I am.

The way of the future is in developing technologies and Artificial Intelligence.... Guess What? You're holding one in your hand!


Cloud based apps, (click here to read more about Cloud Computing) let me upload my pictures, write my posts, upload my Blog and send my files all on my smart phone. I can pay bills, send invoices, transfer funds and files anywhere in the world all at a touch of a button.

The globe is my marketplace and my Smart Phone is the key to my success.

What can you do?

Learn about what your Smart Phone can do and increase your overall levels of DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE

The benefits of knowing what you Smart Phone is capable of is critical in today's every changing world of technology. It's important to be open to learning so that you can understand the benefits to you, your company, team and of course, your customers. The Mobile Customer

Get to know about the needs of your mobile customer. It's important not only to learn about what our smart phones can do, but also to get to know the needs and habits of the mobile consumer. Most smart phone users are inclined to make snap decisions and buy from you simply on reputation. For example if you run a restaurant the customer should be able to find you, browse your menu, be escorted to your physical location and have alternative methods of payment available to them.

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It's your time to fly!

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