What's does it mean to innovate?

FACT: The Rise of The Internet Has Opened Opportunities and Limitations The Most of Us Never Saw Coming.

Since Google decided to change how the internet works (how you search for information online) back in 2014, and the introduction to the "Social Media Revolution", most of us have struggled to keep up with these rapid changes or have been completely caught off guard, and even so, some are still in the dark about what has happened and why. What are these changes, how do they affect your day to day and how can you embrace these changes to innovate in your business and reach new markets?

There was a time when having a phone and a pair of hands was enough, but today (if you actually want to have credibility in your business) you need to do more. You need an exceptional online presence that follows the rules of Google Search Results (SEO) and the technology to stand out and meet the market needs.

So how do you do it?

Firstly, we need to be open to change so that we can innovate in our businesses. For example a bookshop may not be able to sell as many books or a clothes shop not as many clothes. So what can be done to ensure the future of these types of businesses? I remember on a drive to Bega on the far NSW South Coast visiting a muffin store and cafe. The coffee shop produces incredible muffins to tempt coffee buyers, and passers by (that's me) early in the morning. I noticed the muffins the moment I entered the shop and was so overcome by the delightful smell of the muffins that I simply had to have one.

The next time I visited that cafe I noticed another change, quite substantial and even more alluring. The coffee shop had merged with the book store next door and cut a doorway between each to allow access from both stores. You can only image the advantage of this to both businesses. This is called collaboration and innovation to provide a service, but not just any service, it was to sell an exceptional experience. How can you or others innovate to cater for the changing needs of the consumer.

Secondly, technology. The emergence of the Smart Phone. It's true that just about everyone has a Smart Phone of some sort these days. We can almost entirely run our day to day from these devices. As a matter of fact, this is the main way that most people connect with businesses, services and when looking for things to do. There have been astounding opportunities and innovations brought about from these devices (you can read more about this hen you stay tuned for more on this in our next blog)

When we take the time to look around us and learn about change, technology and innovation we open up the opportunity to learn how to build a business “machine” that turns your business and day to day into a “powerhouse of opportunities”?

Fortunately, that’s exactly what you will learn when Talking Techo with The Tec Exec and the new age of technology and online communications "The Online Toolkit" ..