Talking Techno with The Tec Exec

20 Years' ago I used to say the following to my technology students: Twenty years' from now it won't be me standing here teaching you. It will look like me, you won't be able to tell the difference, but when you try to touch me I'll shimmer.... What I meant by that was I would be a hologram just like Princess Leia from the original Star wars movie. The truth is at a recent global education and mindset conference I attended there were samples of holograms presented in a small box and passed around the room for us to view. This is just one type of technology available (and improving everyday) available to teachers/trainers and coaches like myself.

3 Benefits of Technology for Everyday Use

1. Storage

Have you ever had to send a copy of a picture to someone. How did you do it? Back in the olden days we'd have put it on a Floppy Disc or a Thumb Drive (USB) or even a Removable Hard Drive. This was effective in its time, but could also be costly and time consuming. Well not any more.You may have noticed how most of our technology or learning platforms are visual now. Lots of pictures and videos everywhere. Even in Social Media sites like Facebook are highly visual. This information has to be stored somewhere and now it's in the CLOUD read more.

2. Speed

Everything now is fast paced. We want information yesterday and we want to be able to pass on information instantly to our customers at their request.One of my clients Herbert was having difficulty sending some images to his realestate agent who was located in another town. This caused lots of problems for Herbert as the images were of high quality and couldn't be send via email because they were just too big. Watch VideoTechnology allows us many new ways of sending images instantly in the CLOUD as mentioned above. Learn more at Talking Techno.

3. Accessibility and Mobility

Everyday people to companies, from small startups to expert industry giants like Telstra, have realised and are learning that almost everyone is carrying some kind of Smartphone. Some even have two. Not just in western countries either. There are hundreds of thousands of people located in countries like India where SmartPhone devices are used to help people start businesses and learn processes online. This rapid change in technology and the increase in uptake has totally disrupted the way we communicate and the way we buy. People expect information to be available and on hand.

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