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Technology and Online Communication Skills for Today - 101 Terms, Tools, Tips and Technologies you need to Master the Digital Age.

​We’re going to TechFest Technology Expo in Batemans Bay On the NSW South Coast

TECHFEST SATURDAY APRIL 29th 2017 What the heck is a TechFest? TechFest is the first cutting edge technology expo style event to be held in Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast (2 hours from Canberra) with an array of innovative technologies, games and business tools. You’ll be transported...


EPISODE #5 - When I landed in Rome, I didn't expect this!

Thank goodness I had my Smart Phone..... You never know when you're going to need it! (Brought to you by The Tec Exec and Travel Team) Today's technology enables you to work from anywhere! You can connect, have visual contact with your customers, family, friends and colleagues from just...


EPISODE #4 - Learn Digital Media and Today's Technology to Remain Relevant

[INTRODUCING DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE] Before you can excel on the internet or in business these days it's wise to have a basic, but clear understanding of the digital world and what its capabilities are, how it's changed and your own level of "Digital Intelligence". Without this knowledge, it...


EPISODE #3 - What the heck happened to the internet?

It started with "Big Data and Digital Disruption" The latest figures from "Telstra", Woolworths and from around the globe mean that businesses who are not educated and do not implement a plan to update will simply fade away. Big Data Click image or hyperlink above to Watch Big Data...


EPISODE #2 - Innovate and Build a Business “Machine”

What's does it mean to innovate? FACT: The Rise of The Internet Has Opened Opportunities and Limitations The Most of Us Never Saw Coming. Since Google decided to change how the internet works (how you search for information online) back in 2014, and the introduction to the "Social Media...


Episode #1 - Introducing the Benefits of New Technologies

Talking Techno with The Tec Exec20 Years' ago I used to say the following to my technology students: Twenty years' from now it won't be me standing here teaching you. It will look like me, you won't be able to tell the difference, but when you try to touch me I'll shimmer.... What I meant...